Marco Lambertini, WWF Director General, addresses the Climate Savers Business Event

Taking bold climate action makes good business sense

Marco Lambertini, Director General of WWF International, had a bold message when he opened the Climate Savers Business Event with a video message: there is business opportunity in fighting climate change.

Lambertini emphasized that 2015 may well be the last chance for world leaders to keep the global rise in temperature below 2°C, and to avoid disastrous effects of climate change.

Key to this will be striking an ambitious new global climate deal in Paris in December.

“I urge you and encourage you all to send a message to your leaders to ask them to act boldly and with ambition in December,” said Lambertini. “The decisions will have far-reaching implications for our world and how we live in it, including for businesses.”

A turning point for businesses

Lambertini also predicted that 2015 will be a turning point in corporate thinking on climate change, with progressive companies making science-based targets the new normal for sustainability actions.

“The stakes for companies have never been higher; neither have the opportunities. Companies with vision are in line to reap huge rewards. It is time to get off the fence and take up this agenda seriously,” he implored.

15 years fighting climate change

It has been 15 years since WWF started the Climate Savers programme, and Lambertini reflected on how far it has come.

He said: “We wanted to inspire a new way of thinking about climate solutions in companies, and to encourage them to transform themselves into low carbon leaders, acting as agents of change.

“Now, 15 years later we believe we have shown the valuable contribution companies can make in the fight against climate change,” Lambertini concluded, alongside thanking member companies for being part of the programme and complimenting them on their strong leadership and commitment to making a difference.

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