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THE COCA-COLA COMPANY World’s biggest soft drinks manufacturer puts a lid on carbon The Coca-Cola Company’s Climate Savers commitment consists of two complementary emissions reduction targets for its global manufacturing operations: •  Stabilize emissions – grow the business, not the carbon •  Reduce absolute emissions by 5% in developed countries.  RESOURCES   Read More »

Arjowiggings Graphic

ARJOWIGGINS GRAPHICS Shaping the paper industry Arjowiggins Graphic’s Climate Savers commitment is to achieve a 23% reduction in its emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) by 2014 (based on 2007 levels) against stabilized sales volumes; with a sub-target reduction of 10% for each ton of paper.  RESOURCES   Read More »


ALPRO Extending resource efficiency of plant-based foods to the value chain Under Climate Savers, Alpro commits to fix its plants’ CO2 emissions to under 2008 levels by 2013, despite volume growth of one-third. This impressive goal equates to a saving of 42 Ktons of CO2.  RESOURCES Read More »

2 Improve Business Performance

Member companies tap into strategic expertise on corporate greenhouse gas reduction strategies and carbon accounting both from WWF and from other Climate Savers member companies. Insights to improve your business performance abound. With its global network of specialists on climate science, climate policy and energy issues, WWF can help you develop business models in line with the future low-carbon economy ... Read More »

3 Improve Risk Management

Climate change will cause significant shifts in the markets and sectors where your company operates. Part of a Climate Savers strategy is about helping your company be better prepared to deal with these changes. Reducing your energy consumption, for example, can not only reduce your direct and indirect CO<sub>2</sub> emissions, it also makes your company less depended on dwindling energy resources ... Read More »

1 Enhance Brand Equity

WWF is one of the world’s most trusted conservation brands. Membership in the WWF Climate Savers programme demonstrates member companies’ commitment to significant and absolute CO2reductions. In the current media landscape, inundated by greenwashing, Climate Savers companies are respected leaders towards the low-carbon economy of the future. Additional positive exposure for your brand is also provided through various programme publications ... Read More »

WWF and Eneco extend collaboration

WWF and Eneco extend collaboration Energy company Eneco and WWF Climate Savers have announced they will strengthen their collaboration, with a renewed partnership which will continue until 2017. The partnership was first formed at the end of 2010, when Eneco Group became WWF’s first Climate Savers partner in the Netherlands. Companies that participate in this international climate programme initiated by ... Read More »

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