Climate Savers is a climate leadership programme that seeks to transform businesses into leaders of the low-carbon economy.

The intention of the programme is to inspire a change in thinking about climate solutions in companies and as agents of change within their sphere of influence. This leaves member companies better placed to avoid carbon-related risks while realising opportunities within their long-term business strategies.
Climate Savers objective is to recognise corporate leadership on climate solutions: develop low, zero or carbon positive business models and demonstrate that reductions in greenhouse gas emissions can go hand-in-hand with economic growth.

At the moment, WWF collaborates with over 30 global companies worldwide through the Climate Savers programme.

How does it work?

The Climate Savers programme rates corporate climate performance by means of two dimensions, or two leadership pillars:

  • To become the best in class in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with climate science, and
  • To influence market or policy developments by promoting their vision, solutions and achievements.

Climate leaders are defined as companies performing best in class across these two leadership pillars.

1. Reduction in operational carbon footprint covers the  following scopes


2. Magnifiers: company acts as agent of change

WWF is using ‘magnifier’ as a term to indicate that the company is ‘scaling up’ its commitments, its influence and leadership to a level that goes beyond the direct emissions of the company. Climate Savers companies are expected to become agents of change; along their value chain, in their industry sector, towards the policy arena and/or by implementing climate positive approaches.

Examples of industry magnifiers include showing leadership by cooperating on the company’s vision, strategy, and solutions with peers:

  • Company targets activities that improve the climate performance of the sector or set   an example within the industry;
  •  Company is an active and progressive player in their regional and/or global industry    sector sustainability initiatives;
  • Company creates leadership projects or tools to foster innovation and learning on    sustainability throughout the industry.

Examples of value chain magnifiers include company showing leadership by cooperating on the company’s vision strategy and solutions along the value chain:

  • Company sets goals to constructively engage value chain partners to reduce their   carbon footprint;
  •  Company creates leadership projects or tools to foster innovation and learning on   sustainability throughout their value chain.

Well defined process over six phases

WWF has defined six phases leading to the conclusion of a Climate Savers commitment.


Vision, Mission and Objectives


Our Value Proposition

Climate Savers is a leading worldwide programme for companies with strong values who want to position themselves in the forefront of corporate climate commitments at local level and globally.

The Climate Savers programme is an effective and robust worldwide knowledge platform to formulate and publicly endorse a cutting edge climate strategy. Unlike other programmes, WWF Climate Savers offers management solutions and clarity to the performance target setting process, backed by one of the world’s most trusted brands.


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